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Photo-Op Packages with the Guest Stars

(subject to change)

TV WestFest Tucson is pleased to be able to offer the opportunity for you to have professional photos taken with your favorite stars!  Taken by pro photographer Jeff Weber from Bloom Photo Booth of Tucson.


You'll receive a gorgeous glossy 8x10 that can then be signed by the celebrity(s) you've just been photographed with.  You can also purchase additional copies.


Photo prices vary depending on how many celebrities are in the shot(s).

PLEASE NOTE:  You MUST have an Admission Ticket for the Event in order to purchase a Guest Star Photo Op ADD-ON.

FAQ for Photos with the Guest Stars

THE FINE PRINT - The photographer reserves the right to take more than one photo during your session if he feels that another shot is needed to give the best results. Although more than one may have been taken, you will only receive one photo unless more have been ordered. Our photographer chooses the photo to be printed and upon completion of the printing, the photos are then deleted from the system and no other copies can be obtained, so if you choose to get the JPEG images, PLEASE request them at the time you're taking the photos or placing your order. Thank you!


All tickets purchased during pre-sale must be brought back to the photo op site at the event and turned in for an actual ticket.  Please allow time to do this prior to your photo shoot.  Jpegs (digital copy), Reprints (second copy of photo), and Combos (jpeg & reprint) can be purchased at the event. Jpeg $10 - Reprint $10 - Combo $15

There are NO REFUNDS for photo ops if you miss/or are late to the shoot.  Please be early or on time for sessions. Schedules will not always be available on this site but can usually be located on the event’s website or at the event itself.

Only 2 adults per photo op.  A 3rd adult is an additional $10.00, and a 4th is an additional $10.00.  Any more than 4 adults in a photo and parties will have to speak to the photographer on prices.  You can pay for the added people at our Main desk.  This applies to MOST photo-ops but some may have restrictions on adding any additional people.  Small children and infants can be included in with 2 adults at no additional charge.

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