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What's all the excitement about TV WestFest?  What exactly is it, anyway?

It's a fan-run event, not for profit, and so it's focused on forming a personal connection with the TV Western guests.  When you attend you help bring all the special folks who made our TV western shows, together for a reunion, and they genuinely appreciate being our guests.


This is your chance to meet the artists who brought your favorite characters to life!  This year’s guests include Robert Carradine (Slim/The Cowboys), Darby Hinton (Israel Boone/Daniel Boone), Michael McGreevey (Chip/Riverboat), Rudy Ramos (Wind/High Chaparral & Felix/Yellowstone), Roberta Shore (Betsy Garth/The Virginian), Charlotte Stewart (Ms. Beadle/Little House on the Prairie), Bo Svenson (Sheriff Buford Pusser/Walking Tall Series), Mitch Vogel (Jamie Cartwright/Bonanza) - along with a long list of guest stars like Buck Montgomery (Stuntman & emcee), Wyatt McCrea (Producer, Actor, Documentarian), Steve ‘Bunker’ De France (Stunts/Death Valley Days, Bonanza & High Chaparral), Terry Bomar and Jeff McCarroll (Stuntman).

It's a true reunion for these TV Western Stars, and a one of a kind chance for fans of these shows to meet their favorite actors. The weekend is filled with one-on-one time with the stars, backstage stories, guest panels, dinner with the celebrities, camaraderie and lots of fun.

With photo and autograph sessions (free hugs are frequent all weekend), new friendships with other fans and the stars of the show, plus trips to amazing places like the Ponderosa II, Old Tucson Studios and Mescal Movie Set. 


It's a chance to make new memories, new friends, and celebrate your favorite TV western shows in one of the most historic western places in America.

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